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Roberts, Samuel Principal
Bondurant, Alex Assistant Principal
Jackson, Holley Guidance Counselor

Allen, Carla Special Education
Chadwell, Amy 5th grade ELA
Dillinger, Richey Physical Education
Fagan, Rachelle Foundations of Mathematics
Gibson, Sandy 7th Grade Math
Hill, Jackie History
Kather, Sydney Math
Kelly, Wendy Foundations of Language Arts/Oral Communications
Kimmons, Mike 5th Grade History
Latch, Josh Science
Lee, Chrissy Math
Malone, Angie Physical Education
Matheny, Alecia Language Arts
McCalister, Jessica Special Education
Mitchell, Julie Math
Morgan, Jennifer Gifted
Mullins, Rhonda ICT
Newcomb, Connie Special Education
Null, Karen History/Social Studies
Porterfield, Amy 5th Grade Reading
Rice, Trey ICT
Scott, Zach ICT
Sides, Tonya Reading
Smith, Vicki Science
Switcher, Jennifer Language Arts
Timmons, Bill History
Wessler, Melinda Science
Wilbanks, Emily Language Arts
Wilbanks, Hunter History

Benjamin, Lisa Bookkeeper
Howie, Tammy Administrative Assistant